Warner Brothers Discovery

Design and delivery of WBITVP company websites across multiple countries

Build group websites across France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark & Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

Warner Brothers wanted to bring all their WBITVP European and Australasian company websites under a unified look, feel and function. After having worked on the WBITVP UK sites for Warner, Bionic were chosen to extend this work across the global sites utilising new brand guidelines and enhanced functional requirements.

Incorporating a sophisticated CMS with shared translation elements allows all companies to manage their own content in multiple languages. Each country has a toolkit of layouts and function to choose from and bespoke requirements can be layered on top of the shared global structure.

The design and build of the system was delivered well within the required timeframes and each country was supported individually by Bionic to curate content and define individual requirements. Basing multiple country websites on the backbone of shared design and code means subsequent design changes to the brand, functional enhancements, legal policy requirements and global changes to the content can be rolled out to all countries in a straightforward fashion.

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