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Design and build of two award-winning TV production company websites

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Chalkboard Television produces a wide range of thought-provoking and ground-breaking content in the UK and across the world, from jaw dropping documentaries to interactive gameshows and provocative series. Their partner, Clapperboard Studios is an award-winning scripted production company passionate about telling stories of all types.

Bionic were commissioned to design and develop two separate websites to showcase the content that both companies produce. Both sites needed to immediately convey the stature, creativity and high quality of the programming to website visitors including commissioners at large broadcasters and major streamers.

We used large-format striking programme imagery throughout the site to convey the scale and quality of Clapperboard and Chalkboard's content. Both sites needed to share a look and feel while at the same time having subtly different branding. We successfully communicated both companies creativity and originality with a playful interface and bold, striking layouts.

Both companies manage their own catalogues and site content via a dedicated CMS. They are able to manage a rich variety of content and metadata across their programmes including videos, image galleries and credits.

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